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Here’s what Denny had to say about today’s Kansas race:

How was today’s race?
“Frustration — just never got a chance to race. Every run I either had to save fuel or get caught by a caution and then go a lap down, get a wave around and it’s just — got caught by two cautions today — we had good track position. I drove to the top-five on the first run and then we took four (tires) and the entire field took two (tires) and put us in the back of the pack and we were no better than the back-markers at that point.”

How do you assess your championship chances?
“Well, this is a race where when you got the other guys you’re racing finishing eighth and ninth — you’ve got to beat them, especially wrecked race cars shouldn’t be there, so we just shot ourselves in the foot a lot today. We’ll just try to rebound at Martinsville. It’s been a good track for us. And not a complete destroyed day, but we’ll try to make the best of it.”

How did this race compare to the April Kansas event?
“It’s a different track. There’s nothing that’s similar.”

What made today so challenging?
“The challenge is your track position. Nobody could pass anyone after five laps on the restart, so you just — you do the best you can for five laps to pass guys and then you just ride around in circles until someone blows a tire.”

How much was it car and how much was it pit strategy?
“Fifty, fifty. We got caught twice and our car sucked, so those two things attributed to a 13th-place finish.”

Did it feel like a crazy race from the driver’s seat?
“It was uneventful. I had to save fuel every single run to just try to run with the other guys and when I got to the top five we took four (tires) and the whole field took two (tires) and it put us back in the 20s and you just can’t make up those positions out on the race track. It’s just too hard to do, so we missed it today — both with the car and strategy.”

Denny Hamlin Kansas Race Quotes

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