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Denny Hamlin had an average car all day that still proved to be enough for a top 5 finish. Denny was up to 4th place before the final pit stop in perfect form for a great finish in the first race of the chase.

Unfortuantely during a green flag pit stop the #11 FedEx Ground team chose to make an adjustment instead of put an extra can of fuel in the car. This forced Denny to be short on fuel at the end. 4 laps short to be exact. Denny did everything he could to save but it wouldn’t be enough.

Denny ran out of fuel on the white flag and ended up bringing the car home to a 16th place finish. Definitely a hard day for the team but Denny held his head up high and said that “we” as a team chose to make an adjustment instead of take fuel. Once again proving he is a great leader for the #11 FedEx Ground Toyota Camry team.

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